Friday, October 14, 2005


Photo by Agata Zgarda.

Ever seen a day-dreamer? A person staring at something without recognition, without comprehension, without any goal at all? Person not noticing the shape nor the movement? You have found a lucky one. One that knows how to switch themselves off, escape into a wider, more colorful world of fantasy.

Day-dreaming is one of natural gifts that homo sapiens posseses. The base for creativity and what follows it - development. Why is it so often being knocked out of someone when they are young? Mediocre population doesn`t accept differences, being creative, being introspective is feared by them. One is afraid of unknown, so let`s better pull it out with roots when it starts flourishing.

World is galloping to an end thanks to dream killers. They produce children supressing their creative flair just to fit flat thinking society. The vicious circle is being created when the generations continue the race to conformity.

Being different is not a crime. Let`s not bring it to a halt, let`s celebrate our differences. Often escapes into a day-dream are the way out, the gate to new world, our salvation. Let`s dream and give others a space to dream.