Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fallen Angel

Photo by Agata Zgarda.

Fallen angel - an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. (babylon dictionary)

Angels stay in heaven, demons stay in hell. Between, there is a space that belongs to fallen angels. Our reality.

There are various myths explaining the fall of angels, but most of them are based on claim that angels had their free will, they felt desire, pride, and didn`t understand the actions of God.

Orygenes from Alexandria, one of the fathers of Christian Church believed that God created all angels equal and free. However gifted with free will some of angels started abandoning God`s legions on their own choice. Some angels stayed with God, some of them turned into humans and some of them became demons, part of hell, fallen angels.

There is another myth. Once, some of angels, powerful and heartless machines programmed to assist and protect humans, fell in love with their protegees . They got sick . The only way to cure them was to implant a heart into their bodies. Equipped with a heart, they lost their powers, their perfection of good-doers. They were casted out of heaven, there was no space for them anymore.

Fallen angels are among us, looking for their rights to be happy, to experience life, love and also to give love. Going after it, they commit mistakes, get out of track, break divine laws. They still pursue their good-doing mission. This time, however, in their own desperate way, that often crosses the evil zone.

It`s fallen angel that is real, humane, it`s him who teaches us how to go through the maze of life taking the best of it. To find a fallen fellow you need to see him first, and only the gifted ones posses this ability. This may happen anywhere, in a supermarket, in a crowded bus, or you just bump into one in the least expected place. It is them, however, who choose you and let themselves be seen, come around to complement you and at the same time fulfill their existance.

One must not condemn fallen agels for their dids, their sinful existence. One must not forget - they are fallen, but still angels. Orygenes said that there is possibility for people to turn into angels. Even demons can go back to their original angellic state.

(Author`s note: This text has, by no means, implication in the Bible.)