Saturday, October 15, 2005

Modern drug

Photo by Agata Zgarda.

Tu, tu, ta, tra, la, la... Much distorted version of a trendy melody is heard. Everybody pats their pockets looking for mobile. "Is it mine? Ow, no, false alarm". Wasted moment of anxiety.
Splashhhhhh... Somebody flushed the toilet. "Hi! I'm fine! I was just thinking about you...".

The toilet doors swing open and a young person with a telephone stuck to their ear emerges from the loo.

How can they stand that? Isn't there enough slavery in the world? We are already slaves of convention, time, obligation and no idea what else, so what the heck! Let's employ one more stone to complete the package, to keep us down to earth.

Mobile - life saver. Mobile - people finder. Mobile - agenda. One must admit, there are advantages of taking on a little bit of that slavery, but sleeping with it, eating with it, taking it even to the toilet... Letting it monopolize your life... Too much for me.

Just have a close look at what happens . Leave your house without mobile and realize that fact far from home. Take it with you and then lose it. Keep it fully dressed, decorated with small gadgets and then drop it and destroy completely losing all your data. Heh... Hurts, doesn't it? Your best friend has just died.

The mobile phone companies set off a race of equiping that small device with miraculous functions to make us more dependent on it. Having that piece of wonder is like having an attachment to your body. It becomes indispensable, turns into a parasite feeding on you, sucking your pocket and at the same time stuffing it, addicting you heavily.

Soon, in the fast developing era of genetic engineering, we`ll be born with mobile built-in. That`s a relief, isn`t it?