Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pandora`s box.

Photo by Agata Zgarda.

Pandora was a woman whose innate curiosity got her into a great ordeal. Once given a box, she couldn`t resist opening it, even though the gods warned her. Together with easing her curiosity she brought herself a great collection of plagues. The whole humankind was invited to join her in facing the misery.

Nowadays Pandora is a wicked woman leaving her boxes everywhere. Boxes that you keep tripping on all the time. We all live on a huge minefield of Pandora`s gifts on each step. No way to avoid them. No matter how high or how far you jump, sooner or later you are prone to land on one.

Trying not to move, staying hidden isn`t a solution here. Pandora`s clones are ubiquitous and they rich you even at far end of the globe. On some idle day they will just knock on your door bestowing you with their gift. Imagine your life stuck in one place restricted by fear. A nightmare worse than the one in which you fall from a high building.

Other solution to be taken into considration might be avoiding confrontation with any form of life passing by. Living a life of recluse. Brrr... Scary.

You may also try plunging into a crowd hoping not to be noticed among others. Well, the lightning strikes sometimes twice at the same place.

Problems are inevitable. Bastards born of unknown fathers, spreading through the world with frightening speed. They live their own life and at the same time they are undeniably a part of your life. The one and only way to deal with them is to face them, when they come over.

Pandora leaves her boxes sometimes on purpose. They are ambiguous - make our life difficult and at the same time enrich us with experiences, so let`s make use of that gift.
Get a grip. Accept the present and use it as a tool to improve your life. And don`t forget - in Pandoras box, there was one good thing among all the evil ones - hope.