Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sunny day or stormy weather?

Today you woke up full of beans, believing that you could carry mountains on your back. Hot, black coffee in the morning busts your energy and few minutes of reading in bed set you, if it is possible, in even better mood.

That "in seventh heaven" state lasts up to the first unpleasant event. It can be simple - a person trying to skip the line squeezing in front of you to pay for their huge shopping, a bad look of your boss, or the heat of the afternoon sun frying everything around. The rest of the day is lost. Nothing seems to have sense, nothing seems to be beautiful anymore. How is it possible?

What`s worse, we need to cherish all these days of starting your day in a good mood, because sometimes you aren`t as lucky as to wake up smiling. Some nights prepare for you a bad surprise and getting your bearings in the morning you realize suddenly that the world is cruel, gray, people are ignorant and annoying, life is a burden to be carried, if you want it or not.

To understand these swings of mood you need to have at least PhD in all aspects of life. Or maybe it is simplier than we think... Maybe we just need to understand ourselves, to know more about our biology...

After all, aren`t we just slaves of our hormones?