Friday, July 06, 2007


There's no other life beyond the Earth. I don't believe in higher intelligence. We're the most intelligent beings in the universe.
How did I get to this conclusion?
Well... Living is like solving a mathematical equation with lots of unknown factors. Human being must be either extremely lucky or incredibly intelligent to find its wherebouts in this life maze.
I bet on the second.
It's just sometimes that we're not capable of getting 100% of what our brain offers. Then the luck enters the stage.
Einstein was a prophet. He had a peer into the inalienable truths and he came up with his theory of relativity. This theory is nothing more, nothing less, but the essence of life. Everything is relative. How we see things shapes our opinions, provokes our thoughts and feelings. Sharing them with others, paints a picture of us in their minds (and each one has a different picture!). That's how they see us.
But again - how they see us, depends on their personal filter, which was created by influence of people's coincidental presence around.
Perpetuum mobile.
Understanding it takes a great deal of intelligence.
Did you get it? Yes? Good, you're brainy. No? You're lucky. You have me around. I'm going to have an impact on you. Wanting it or not. It's inevitable. No way back. You've just read it, so I made my coincidental (or not...) presence around you.