Monday, July 23, 2007


Waking up always sets my mood onto a happy mode. Light breakfast and a black coffee are my religion. Always in a company of a good book. How bad a day can be after such a nice beginning? No way for things to go wrong. As long as you don't expect to win a lottery of course. Who needs it anyway...
I try to keep my eyes wide open throughout the whole day, not to miss anything around. Looking carefully I can notice things that make my day worth and then my brain is processing them slowly classifying into a right category . That's how the normal day goes by.
This weekend though, was completely mad. It left me lost among millions of small happenings that weren't planned. For a control freak (me) it might have been disasterous! Imagine things happening without any plan! Things that were planned just at the last moment and changing few minutes before!!! Whoa! That's too much! But - amazingly - it was great. I gained some stuff and lost some bucks (talking about VERY unexpected shopping), cooked and ate lots of good food with very, very nice people (and I didn't have to wash the dishes), was exposed to some pampering... Life is beautiful! I want more!
Now I'm sitting in front of my computer and I can't stop my mind from running through what happened. Life with the speed of a bullet train. Stop for a while - save some of the speed for tomorrow!