Friday, September 04, 2009

Few thoughts from Poland.

I was exactly on the left side of this port wine

This is what went through my mind while I was lying on the grass in my parents' summer house with a pen, paper and a glass of port:

"Time is a slut. Present mixes with past and future. Here I am in the middle of the forest again, listening to Olsztyn radio station playing some oldies. Nice soundtrack to my stream of thoughts... It took me back in time.

I used to come here every summer when I lived in Poland. Now I'm here again, doing the same stuff I did years ago. Only things have changed slightly and their perception isn't the same anymore. Am I doing all these things again because I want to go back in time, because that's what I'm supposed to do here or because what I do now will change the future?

Who cares...I'm here now.

NOW. I love this word. Saying it I feel as if I caught the present moment red-handed. Few weeks from now the present moment will be the past already. What a shame."