Sunday, May 16, 2010


Polish culture is, without any doubt, totally different from the Brazilian one. If I were to describe my life in Brazil in one sentence, I'd copy Sting saying: ”I don't drink coffee, I drink tea my dear...” Well, maybe not literally, as I looooooooove coffee , but sometimes I feel like Quentin Crisp, from “Englishman in New York” song.

To make life easier for any potential Polish immigrant in Brazil, I decided to write few entries in my Polish-Brazilian dictionary:

“Let's meet tomorrow”.
Polish: “I like you. I want to see you tomorrow.”
Brazilian Portuguese: “I like you and at the moment I feel like meeting you tomorrow, but tomorrow, who knows...”

“The meeting is at 5 o'clock.”
Polish: “I'll arrive about 10 minutes before 5.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: “I'll be there around 6 or 7 o'clock.”

Question:”How can I get to the cinema?” Answer: “Go straight ahead for two blocks and turn right. Then take your first left and there you are!”
Polish, option 1: “It's on …. street.”
           option 2: “I have no idea, sorry.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: thinking:“I have no idea but I really want to help you” says: “Take your first left, go ahead for about three blocks, turn left again and there you are! Good luck!”

Question: “I'm organizing a party. Would you like to come?” Answer: “Yes, I'd love to!”
Polish: “When? Where? I'll be there and I'll call if something unpredictable comes up.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: “OK, I'll probably be there and bring some people you've never seen in your life.”

“There are some rules, you can not do that!”
Polish: “Damn! What a shame. I have to find another solution.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: “There's always a way... Let's bend some rules.”

“It costs R$500. Expensive.”
Polish, option 1: “I'll be saving for some time and finally I'll buy it.”
           option 2: “Heh, 5 months without going out, but I'll have it anyway.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: “Ah, no problem. I can divide it into 10 times. In about a year I'm done with the payment.”

“It's raining”
Polish: “No sun again... I hope the rain stops soon.”
Brazilian-Portuguese (considering a person is not from Amazonas state): “What a beautiful day!”

“Alexandre's birthday is in 10 days.”
Polish: “That gives me 5 days to think what to buy and another 5 to look for it.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: “I'll worry about it in 10 days.”

“I saw her entering Pedro' car.”
Polish: “They know each other.”
Brazilian-Portuguese: “They have an affair.”

“My dictionary is not finished yet.”
Polish: the same meaning.
Brazilian-Portuguese: I wonder what this would be...