Monday, July 30, 2007


You never know when unexpected happens. It's unexpected, so how would you know anyway.
My whole weekend was unexpectedly interesting. I thought that world was in 3D and apparently I was mistaken. I just got myself close to Fifth Dimension and from this point there's a totally new perspective.
One thing's for sure - small drop of water stirrs the surface.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Life is a sinusoidal wave. Once you're up, once you're down. High and low. I was high yesterday and started falling today. I refuse to fall completely, so, I'm acting like a cat sometimes - falling down I'm trying to catch anything, scratching and pulling things on my way. It works. I bounce back to a good mood stage, or at least get onto a nice nauseating plateau where nothingness is a common issue.
Is it a good place to be? Hummm... They say people who live intensly burn quicker. But imagine life on an emotional plateau. No ups no downs. Things get pretty much the same way every day. Blergh. So this is only a stage to get a deep breath, recover the strength and dive into the stream of a great speed again. Back to action.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Waking up always sets my mood onto a happy mode. Light breakfast and a black coffee are my religion. Always in a company of a good book. How bad a day can be after such a nice beginning? No way for things to go wrong. As long as you don't expect to win a lottery of course. Who needs it anyway...
I try to keep my eyes wide open throughout the whole day, not to miss anything around. Looking carefully I can notice things that make my day worth and then my brain is processing them slowly classifying into a right category . That's how the normal day goes by.
This weekend though, was completely mad. It left me lost among millions of small happenings that weren't planned. For a control freak (me) it might have been disasterous! Imagine things happening without any plan! Things that were planned just at the last moment and changing few minutes before!!! Whoa! That's too much! But - amazingly - it was great. I gained some stuff and lost some bucks (talking about VERY unexpected shopping), cooked and ate lots of good food with very, very nice people (and I didn't have to wash the dishes), was exposed to some pampering... Life is beautiful! I want more!
Now I'm sitting in front of my computer and I can't stop my mind from running through what happened. Life with the speed of a bullet train. Stop for a while - save some of the speed for tomorrow!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Para o Professor.

Photo by Ivaneil Lima Mesquita

"Professor, de onde nós viemos?"
"Para onde nós vamos?"
Ele não respondeu...
Porque não sabia...

Friday, July 13, 2007

What can be better?

Photo by Eric Reis

"For a lonely soul,
you're having such a nice time..."

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I didn't sleep enough last night. Normally it would be a reason to complain, but I won't do that.
It was a NIGHT. And after that night there was a DAY. Great night followed by not less great day.
Living a day, after restlessly spent night time, triggers lots of thoughts. Somehow it opens a secret door to understanding. Almost like being under a drug influence.
I understood many things. Obvious things that I don't usually pay attention to, because I take them for granted. Understanding them came to me this evening, which went differently from planned. Unaccomplished plans aren't the reason to get idle - what comes into a void is a new chain of events, that leads to the future. Nothing lost, nothing wasted, even if it seems to be so.
So, I'm sitting here, watching a film of today's events. It's passing before my eyes.
It shocked me again how little control I have over some things. I understood that this lack of control makes no difference to me and at the same time turns my life upside down.
Whatever happens always happens for a reason. Even the smallest fact that seems to be unimportant is a part of a bigger picture.
I'm afraid to go to sleep. I don't want to miss a thing.

Friday, July 06, 2007


There's no other life beyond the Earth. I don't believe in higher intelligence. We're the most intelligent beings in the universe.
How did I get to this conclusion?
Well... Living is like solving a mathematical equation with lots of unknown factors. Human being must be either extremely lucky or incredibly intelligent to find its wherebouts in this life maze.
I bet on the second.
It's just sometimes that we're not capable of getting 100% of what our brain offers. Then the luck enters the stage.
Einstein was a prophet. He had a peer into the inalienable truths and he came up with his theory of relativity. This theory is nothing more, nothing less, but the essence of life. Everything is relative. How we see things shapes our opinions, provokes our thoughts and feelings. Sharing them with others, paints a picture of us in their minds (and each one has a different picture!). That's how they see us.
But again - how they see us, depends on their personal filter, which was created by influence of people's coincidental presence around.
Perpetuum mobile.
Understanding it takes a great deal of intelligence.
Did you get it? Yes? Good, you're brainy. No? You're lucky. You have me around. I'm going to have an impact on you. Wanting it or not. It's inevitable. No way back. You've just read it, so I made my coincidental (or not...) presence around you.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Moment of magic.

It's coming.
Shivers of anticipation run through my body. Close is the moment, when my lips will feel hot touch of yours. Magic of this moment is driving me crazy. The taste, the smell, the touch , all the sensations united together into a perfect blend.
Just you and me, stolen moments of intimacy.
Let me dive deep into velvety darkness of your soul...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Waking up everyday is like being reborn again.
And each time life just gets better and better...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I received a present today. Something that I lost and I thought forever. It simply appeared again to surprise me. Welcome back.
Cutting the way through thorns and tangled branches to make it's presence wasn't easy. I know. But it's back. A bit different, a bit unknown, with a few scratches. Still bringing smile on my face though.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Little things.

Photo by Agata Zgarda

It's amazing how little things make life more beautiful and meaningful.
How they change the taste of food.
How they make the words sound.
How they make the green seem greener.
How they make the sun brighter...

I went to bed last night and it was different from usual...
I didn't see the boat of dreams. I didn't want it to come. But I went on a trip.
I lost the time.

Tonight I'll be waiting for my boat of dreams. It'll take me for a trip to Yesterday...